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Travel & Hospitality

Matterport transforms well underway in the hospitality industry, offering a much more personalized, customer-centric experience. Matterport exemplify this trend by empowering guests with greater control over even the smallest details of their stays.


increase in bookings


greater engagement with 3D tours vs. 2D imagery

Create the best booking experience with a 3D virtual tour

Matterport powered tailor marketing advantages of this technology are mutually beneficial for guests and management. Management can market specific room or service upgrades to customers based on their habits, promoting guest spending. In turn, guests are happier with relevant, timely, and personalized offers.

Matterport virtual models of real-world objects, such as hotel rooms, floor plans, and equipment assets. They’re frequently paired with IoT data to provide real-time insight, which benefits both guests and property managers.

With the hospitality industry becoming more competitive, it’s vital to remain cutting-edge. Matterport offers a multitude of benefits that help resorts, hotels, and other hospitality organizations get a leg up on the competition.

  • Embed your 3D space on your website
  • Increase web engagement by as much as 15%
  • Increase conversion to bookings by as much as 14%
  • Increase positive customer reviews

A powerful suite of features


Collaborate efficiently with commenting and sharing integrated in your spaces.


Embed pop-up notes, links, videos, and e-commerce workflows in your 3D model.

Measurement Mode

Accurately measure anything within a 3D model.

Guided Tours

Quickly and easily create high-quality tours of your 3D model.

Dollhouse Views

Photorealistic and fully interactive 3D floor plan perspective.

Google Street View

Put your business on the map by creating a media-rich experience.

See it for yourself

Matterport Indoor navigation also allows guests to virtually tour a hotel room or even an entire resort. Guests can even choose which suite room to reserve, based on view or location. These features are an excellent way for potential guests to decide if they want to stay at a particular hotel or resort.