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3d Retailer

Transform Retail Experiences in 3D

Matterport has become a widely familiar concept in the manufacturing, automotive, and logistics industries. All of these sectors are already profiting from the technology’s advantages, such as increased reliability, improved productivity and safety, and enhanced cost-efficiency.

Industrial Engineering

In the context of a digital twin facility management software, digital twins have the ability to replicate the entire built ecosystem, rather than just a single asset. This means they can create a digital copy of a complete facility with all underlying networks and infrastructure.

Matterport adds extra dimension to traditional 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM), with real-time data harvested from connected sensors and smart IoT devices. Digital twinning unlocks vast pools of previously inaccessible information, opening up a new understanding of smart facility management and operations with their impact on occupant comfort and satisfaction.

Digital twin-based predictive maintenance software pulls in real-time records from every physical asset within a facility and analyzes them against historical readings. Any change affecting facility systems and networks triggers an update in a corresponding 3D digital model. The opportunity to test various maintenance approaches allows them to anticipate every possible outcome before dispatching a maintenance team on-site. As a result, they can find a reliable agency and enhance the overall asset lifecycle, avoiding over-servicing and over-maintaining assets and keeping maintenance costs in check.

A powerful suite of features


Collaborate efficiently with commenting and sharing integrated in your spaces.


Embed pop-up notes, links, videos, and e-commerce workflows in your 3D model.

Measurement Mode

Accurately measure anything within a 3D model.

Guided Tours

Quickly and easily create high-quality tours of your 3D model.

Dollhouse Views

Photorealistic and fully interactive 3D floor plan perspective.

Google Street View

Put your business on the map by creating a media-rich experience.